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Your Gift Will Educate and Train Families About Overdose

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Overdoses are 100% Preventable!

Catherine fell in with a high school crowd that introduced her to marijuana, then prescription drugs. Her grades started dropping.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Catherine told her mom, Rose. “I really like my new friends (Rose didn’t know about the pills yet) and I feel so much better than in middle school (she suffered with social and emotional challenges). I’ll study harder, and I promise no more pot.”

Several years went by. The pills piled up and Catherine had moved on to heroin and fentanyl. She had developed addiction. Renee scoured her community for help but was only told to send her child to treatment in Dallas. She remembers thinking,

“If only there could have been resources available to my family back when Catherine first began to change. Maybe she wouldn’t need treatment.”

Then, late in the evening in September of 2017, Rose's phone rang. A voice identified himself as a Dallas detective. “I’m sorry to inform you that your daughter is dead . . .”

Parents and families should never suffer the heart-wrenching devastation of a child overdosing.

In North Texas, approximately 30 percent of school-age youth are using alcohol, which kills six and a half times more youth than all other drugs combined. Marijuana use and prescription drug abuse are rising dramatically among our young people.

And so many parents—just like Rose—feel uninformed and powerless.

Your gift today will arm parents with the knowledge they need to possibly save their children. With your generous support, we can ensure that no other parent in North Texas receives the late-night phone call that Rose received.

The DPR Board and Staff